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Angelo Solari

Angelo Solari

(San Antonio, Chile)

Angelo Solari is a pianist, actor, composer and theatre director based in Santiago, Chile.
His work covers a wide range of formats: instrumental and vocal music, theater, experimental music theater, interactive installations, performances and various mixed formats.


After studying piano between 1992 and 1999, he received a bachelor’s degree in Acting  (2003) and a bachelor’s degree in Music with a major in Composition (2009) at Universidad Católica de Chile. In 2014, he earned a Master’s degree in Composition and Theory, with specialization in Music Theater, at the Hochschule der Künste Bern.
Throughout his career he has deepened his studies with several personalities of the theatre and contemporary music, such as the collective Rimini Protokoll, the percussionist Gaston Sylvstre, the composers Helmut Lachenmann, Heinz Holliger, Jennifer Walshe, among others.

Solari's interest is based on the exploration of new poetic possibilities in the field of the music-scene relationship, being one of the main characteristics of his research the integral composition of the diverse scenic parameters: sound, light, action, body.

His work has been presented in countries such as Germany, Australia, Poland, Switzerland and Chile, 

In addition to his artistic work, Solari has a teaching career in Chile in the fields of composition, staging and performance.

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