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Las Imágenes surgentes
Music installation for violin, viola, cello and double bass (2013)

"Las Imágenes surgentes" is a music installation for violin, viola, cello and double bass.
Each picture-score contains a text which describes imaginary images or pictures.
Each picture-score is autonomous in terms of object, narration and music, however there are moments in which the musical narrations of each one cross generating a 4-voice counterpoint and a meta-narrative.


The work was premiered by violinist Maximilian Haft, cellist Trude Meznar, double bassist Dina Kehl and violist Martin Jaques at Volkshaus, Biel, Switzerland, 2013.


The installation (paintings, lighting and quadraphonic audio) opens in Santiago de Chile, 2023, at Galería de Arte Departamentojota, curated by Martín Gubbins.

(Full Audio in Spanish)

(excerpt: violin monologue in French. Live audio)

Detail writing:

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