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Interactive pieces (since 2014)

Audition is a series of interactive performance pieces in which participants, through decision-making, become interpreters and co-creators of the staging. The experience is personal (without audience) and individual. 
The series consists of 8 pieces, three of which have been premiered:

Audition 1

Study for two-part reading

In a theatre or any other place the participant and a performer read a play.
As the reading progresses, the performer stimulates in the participant the imaginary of an hypothetical situation of representation.


The performance was premiered at the “47th Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music" within the framework of the Composer-Performer workshop.

Other performances were made in Australia at the “Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music" (2019)  and “New Music Network” (2015); in Poland at the “Instalakcje 7 Festival "(2018); in Switzerland at the Museum Night (2016), and in Chile at the Teatro del Puente (2014-2015).

With outstanding collaborations, such as: the Australian performer Carolyn Connors, Dr. Matthias Rebstock (author of the book "Composed Theatre") and the Polish composer Wojtek Blecharz.

Press links

Magazine "Glissando", Poland

Essay, University of Belfast, Ireland

"Partial Duration" Magazine, Australia

"Teatro del Puente", Chile

video, festival Australia

Audition 2


In an empty theater the participant reads a monologue.

With the help of a keyboard he can activate different music tracks and accompany his speech.

At the same time, as the reading progresses, excerpts of his speech are played over the speakers in the room.

The participant's monologue is transformed into a contrapuntal journey with his own voice.

The piece was premiered at the Festival Poesía y Música PM#4  (Santiago, 2021)

Composition and staying: Angelo Solari

Sound design: Vicente Larroulet

Audition 8

Performance for user

In an empty theater, sitting in front of a computer with a user interface especially created for the piece, the participant can choose and operate different staging elements such as lighting, sound, music and images.

The piece was premiered at the Santiago a Mil International Festival  (2021)

Composition and staying: Angelo Solari

Interface, lighting and sound design: Diego Muhr

Audición 8
Audición 8.jpg
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